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I am the proud mom of February's pet of the month. Poochie and Dorian just love spending their days with their Mama Nancy for doggy day care. All I have to do is say her name and they are at the door waiting for me. Whenever I need to go out of town, I don't worry one bit, because I know they are being taken care of by someone who loves them as much as I do. These boys are my babies and I can relax knowing they are in a loving home environment while I'm at work or out of town. Finding Nancy has been such a blessing...I sure don't know what I would do without her.

Kimberly Stephens, Poochie & Dorian


Nancy Pruitt with Stay and Play does a wonderful job taking care of our Tobie. This past summer she took care of Marley and Tobie but Marley recenty passed away. She noticed that Tobie was still sad about his buddy and tried to get him involved with the other dogs when he was at her place for about 2 weeks over the Christmas holidays. She is very attentive to his needs and kept us updated on facebook regarding his status. She is loving and caring and very supportive to his quirkey personality. I would highly reccommend Nancy's Stay and Play over any kennel or boarding place around.

Rita Ragoza



Nancy was kind enough to take care of Fuzzy, my schnoodle, for me during the recent Christmas holiday. I didn’t know for sure that I would need her help until the last minute but she was kind enough to keep him and even got up at 6:00 a.m. so we could drop him off. There are not many people who will do that. I know that Nancy loves her dogs and I knew that she would treat my Fuzzy just like she treats her own. She took great care of Fuzzy and I would not hesitate to recommend her. I will definitely leave Fuzzy with her again if the need arises.

Peggy Beene



"We think of our pets as if they were one of our loved ones. It is hard to leave them and worrying if they are behaving or not. Having Nancy Pruitt (Stay and Play) come to my home was a blessing. I knew my pets were in good hands and her love for animals made me worry free knowing she was there checking up on them and making sure everything was in order. Litter boxes cleaned out. Making sure enough water and food was there and that both my cats were okay. I highly recommend Nancy as your pet(s) caretaker."

Janine Mitchell


"Nancy Pruitt is wonderful with my dog Buddy. She has kept him at her house and has picked him up and dropped him at my Vet’s office when I was not able to do so. Buddy likes and trust’s her."

Teresa Reardon


My name is Jeanne Allen and I am a Realtor/Owner with Keller Williams Realty. I left my dog Lily for a recent beach trip and did not worry at all because I knew how well she would be cared for and how much fun she would have with Nancy's crew. Nancy emailed me pictures while I was gone showing me how much fun Lily was having. I sold Nancy a home several years ago and we have been friends for at least 15 years. I would recommend Nancy to anyone who wants to make sure that their pets are happy and well cared for.

Jeanne Allen


We moved to Huntsville about a year ago. One of our big concerns was what to do with our Jerome when we wanted to get out of town for a few days. Jerome’s ‘camp’ up north had lots of room to run and dog friends to play with. He loved it. We visited several dog care places in Madison County and were really discouraged by the conditions and lack of activity for the dogs. Then we found Nancy. Jerome loves to hang out with her and play with her dogs. We have no worries – we know that he is being well cared for and having fun. Thanks Nancy!

Laura Eickhoff


I am writing this letter to recommend Nancy's Stay and Play. Nancy has been pet sitting for my two Maltese dogs for the past few years. She has been a source of comfort to my husband and I while we are away for long weekends or for extended vacations. Nancy goes above and beyond to love and care for our dogs. Once during the hottest summer months, she brought them frozen treats. When Nancy arrives our dogs get so excited because they know that they will be spoiled. If you are in need of a pet sitter, you must give Nancy a try.

Lara Baswell


I would like to share my own experience with Nancy's Stay and Play and express what a valuable service she provides. I am sure that a lot of people have heard of Nancy and her business through her friends, family and associates but I was not one of those people. I have 3 amazing dogs and 2 sometimes loving cats. I enjoy traveling but having such an animal menagerie it was sometimes difficult. I have always had very good veterinarians that also provide boarding for a somewhat reasonable price. Other times I have used specialized "pet hotels". Honestly I cannot say that I have ever had a horrible experience with either.

My difficulties always surrounded the drop-off and pick-up efforts. A lot of times I would have to pay for a couple of extra days due to the hours of operation, maybe drop them off the day before and pick them up a day after I would return. The price wasn't as much of an issue as the fact that my pups are my kids. I hated "caging" them at all, much less a day or two more than necessary.

My doggies are very relaxed at home, but very anxious in kennels, especially when there is so much chaos around them (constant barking and movement). I could always tell how much their nerves got the better of them when I would go and pick them up. Needless to say, I felt bad every time.

I just happened to see a card and advertisement for Nancy's Stay and Play at a convenience store one day on my way home. I was immediately curious as this seemed to be the answer I was looking for, my dogs could stay in the comfort of their home and still be cared for in my absence. I had friends or associates dog-sit before but often ran into the problem that my "friends" could be a bit lackadaisical or a bit unreliable at times. I want my dogs to be looked over the way I do and do understand that some people don't use my equation of dogs=kids. :-)

All this being said, I was still apprehensive about giving a stranger unlimited access to my home for a week while I was away on vacation. But I emailed Nancy and she came over for a consultation visit. She was super professional and thorough, I could tell that she was as concerned for all my animals as I.

This was about 2 years ago and I have used her services numerous times since. I have never been the slightest disappointed or had a single issue. My dogs are just as happy when I get home as when I left. She contacts me while I am gone and gives me updates so that I can vacation with a complete peace of mind. Nancy was actually taking care of my doggies during the blizzard of Jan. 2011. She kept me updated with the conditions and made sure my dogs (who stay mainly outdoors) were safe and warm. Under any other circumstances I would have been a nervous wreck.

As a personal suggestion, if you are even remotely considering the services that Nancy provides, stop thinking about it now and just contact her. I promise it will be so worth it!

-Natalie Johnson



I have boarded my pets with Nancy every time I've gone out of town, well over 10 seperate occasions, once being for a 2 week period. My two dogs absolutely LOVE her, they get excited when we pull up. I've never felt so confident leaving my dogs under someones care.

-Jamie Ibarra


Our pups - Zach and Simon - stay with Nancy on a regular basis. We are so fortunate to have found Nancy's Stay and Play! Our pups are very well tended and they absolutely love her and going to their fun filled day with Nancy! As soon as we drive up, both pups run straight to her door barking to be let in! We love you Nancy!

-Ed and Carol Wojtyna



I would highly recommend Nancy and Nancy's Stay and Play to anybody who needs a loving caretaker for their pets. She genuinely loves animals and they seem to be able to sense that quality in her. Not only do my pets love her, but I know her to be trustworthy. I leave my home keys and precious pets knowing I have nothing to worry about. It's hard enough to leave your pet family behind, but with Nancy watching over them I can leave with peace of mind.


Jeff and Carley Moreau


Carol Wojtyna
This is our precious Simon. Nancy with Nancy's Stay and Play took this picture of him after he came in from a glorious time outside. I tell you what a little innocent face! Zach and Simon have the best time at Nancy's, but it is more than that... She cares for and takes such wonderful care of all the pets she cares for. We love her and are so fortunate to have found her for day care and boarding. Our pups are so happy to be there when we drop them off before going on to work. They both literally jump from the car and run as fast has thy can to her front door. Happy pups, and happier dog parents ! Thanks Nancy!!

Kim Elder
April 12
Madison/Huntsville area FB friends.....our family depends on Nancy to take care of Ellie and couldn't be happier! She can help for just the day or on overnight trips in her home or yours. Check her out! We wouldn't trust Ellie to anyone else and we love knowing she is in a home while we are away.

From Facebook

Hello Nancy, How are you? How are your dogs? I send you two pics of Pirulo. He is big and a little fat. Since we came back here I couldn't find a person like you to take care Pirulo... it is super difficult. I always remember Pirulo being so happy to go to your place and play, being loved by you and your family. Thank you very much. You are awesome! I don't want to lose contact with you. You have a friend here in Los Angeles. My best regards, Edith

Linda Muzquiz to Nancy's Stay and Play June 19, 2017 Looking for a great puppy sitter? (Puppies of all ages!!) Nancy's Stay and Play is the ONLY babysitter for my boys! She always has room for Baxter and Bernie and they run to Paige and Nancy as they stand in the driveway awaiting their arrival! Thanks so much for taking such good care of my little angels! They were dawg tired when I brought them home after their 5-night stay with you!! See you very soon!!

Kim Elder recommends Nancy's Stay and Play Trust Nancy with your fur baby! We've moved out of the Madison/Huntsville area and can say it’s been difficult to find someone to replace her! She just has that magic touch and makes it easy to be out of town. Ellie missed her!

Stephanie Roberts Miller reviewed Nancy's Stay and Play 5 star March 15 Nancy and Paige are wonderful!! This was our first time to leave Charlie in a long time. Being at the vet kennel made him stressed and nervous. Found Nancy on our work website. She was highly recommended and we decided to try letting Charlie stay with her. Had a meet and greet to make sure he would do well and it went great. He stayed six nights with Nancy. Picked him up today and he is as happy as can be!!! Not stressed and we can tell he was well taken care of. Plus we got updates on our trip letting us know he was doing great. We highly recommend Ms. Nancy!! It is a relief knowing Charlie has a place to stay where he will be happy and well taken care of when we cannot take him with us. Thank you Nancy!!!

Cory Baer reviewed Nancy's Stay and Play 5 star May 21 We have been using Nancy's Stay and Play for about 4 years now and we couldn't be happier with their services! Nancy and Paige are wonderful (and incredibly patient) with our 3 dogs and we can see a significant positive difference in them when we pick them up; I don't think we will ever be able to use kennel boarding again.

Steve Casey reviewed Nancy's Stay and Play 5 star April 21 We would highly recommend Nancy and Paige! We boarded our dogs with them after being referred by a friend. We hadn't done this in a couple of years after having a horrible experience with the last people we boarded them with. Our little Yorkie Poo, Bailey Bob, is a grumpy old man set in his ways but it was obvious he blended right in. And Serena, our recent rescue, also seemed to have enjoyed her vacation. Miss Nancy even kept them an extra night when we were delayed due to a flight cancellation from getting back home. Miss Nancy even texted us a couple of days after our dogs stay to check on them! All in all, it was a good experience for us and the dogs. We feel like we no longer have to worry about planning future trips now that our dogs have a safe and fun place to stay. Tank you, Miss Nancy!

Becky Jo reviewed Nancy's Stay and Play 5 star June 4, 2017 Not living in the area long, we were told to use Nancy because she was awesome! We can't agree more with those words. My oldest dog is 12 and then one is 10, and having to leave them for the past 12 years for vacations has been hard as they are my first children. In all the times we have had to leave them, this is by far the best experience we have ever had! They were excited to see us, but I could tell they didn't hate us for having to leave them for a week. Thank you for taking such awesome care of my fur babies!

Chrissy Koebel Derriso reviewed Nancy's Stay and Play 5 star January 25, 2016 I absolutely love Nancy! She instantly made my husband and I feel so welcome. Leaving our precious fur children in someone else's care was very stressful for us so we rarely went anywhere that they couldn't go. Nancy was recommended to me by a neighbor and with great hesitation I gave her a call and set up a time to meet with her. I have never looked back. She treats my dogs like they are her own. She is so good to them and they are always super excited to see her. They are so well taken of and she posts pictures and sends text to let you know that they are ok. It has opened up a whole new world of traveling for us because we know that our dogs are being wonderfully taken care of. We even tell them that they are going to Aunt Nancy's when we are leaving. Lol

Nancy's Stay and Play I always remember you Nancy. In this moment of my life, when everything was different for me... it was so hard, but you made my life easier in this moment. I trusted on you like my family. You took care the being I most love in this life, my son Pirulo. After that, I have never found a person like you and your son, kind and good. I feel eternally grateful with you. Thank you

Ken Belew reviewed Nancy's Stay and Play 5 star October 17, 2015 This place has been a life saver. I have an older rescue with severe separation anxiety and crate anxiety. At Nancy's the dogs don't have to be crated, and when I left him overnight they even let him sleep in the bed since that is where he sleeps at home. I can't recommend them enough, the rates are great and they really do care for the animals.

Carolyn Lamons Beach reviewed Nancy's Stay and Play 5 star March 12, 2017 We never say the word "Miss Nancy" until we are taking Shelby to her. He loves going there and when the car starts down in her area, he knows where he is and gets so excited. When he gets out of the car.....he never looks back!! He is so happy to be there and he is so spoiled when he gets back home. But, that is okay with us because we know he has had a great time in "Nancy World!"

Dot Taneyhill reviewed Nancy's Stay and Play 5 star February 12, 2016 Through a referral from a contact years ago, I was very fortunate to find Nancy. Nancy is without a doubt the very best! Both of my dogs are rescues and experienced a troubled early life. It’s been four years ago when they were just puppies that my dogs started staying at Nancy's. I would not consider any other place to care for them. Nancy treats your pets like they are her own. Rarely do you see this degree of care and concern in places that board animals. If you board your pet at a typical facility, they are often left alone after closing hours until the next morning. Nancy is very hands on, responsive, and the prices are the most reasonable that you will find anywhere. I go out of town often so my dogs are at Nancy's a lot! They are excited every time I drop them off! Thanks to the help from Paige and Rich, Nancy's Stay and Play is the best you will find anywhere to care for your pets!

Bobbie Addison Cole reviewed Nancy's Stay and Play 5 star January 23, 2016 Nancy & her daughter are so wonderful to my little Leo. I feel so comfortable now going out of town since he plays with his "friends" at Nancy's. He plays so much, it takes him 2 days of sleeping to get back to normal. So funny! Very thankful for a great place to take him.

Kayla Bryant Mogle reviewed Nancy's Stay and Play 5 star September 11, 2016 Nancy and Paige have been lifesavers for us, our dog Jett absolutely loves going to daycare! They even took care of him after he had surgery, and made sure that he had all of his medications throughout the day. We highly recommend Nancy's Stay and Play!

Cliff Garrett reviewed Nancy's Stay and Play 5 star July 27, 2015 Our dogs love going to Nancy's stay and play! A 2nd home with love and care instead of boarding them all day or all week while you're on vacation or out of town. Great prices too!

Ashley Lucas Bauer reviewed Nancy's Stay and Play 5 star March 30, 2015 So glad we found Nancy's Stay and Play! It was the perfect place for our dogs to be while we were out of town. We will definitely be booking again!

Bob Roger reviewed Nancy's Stay and Play 5 star February 27, 2015 There are few people or places I would trust with my two babies. Nancy's has proven to be a good friend to them and us. Thank you from us and our two shih tzu's.

Kaylee Carter reviewed Nancy's Stay and Play 5 star January 4, 2017 Benny had a great time at Nancy's! I would recommend to anyone!

Linda Ann Collins July 30 at 6:45 PM Best place around for your babies

Natalie Johnson to Nancy's Stay and Play January 6, 2015 Thanks for taking care of my pups!! So awesome that I have you and no worries when I have to be out of town!! You are invaluable to all of us!

Linda Muzquiz to Nancy's Stay and Play June 19, 2017 Looking for a great puppy sitter? (Puppies of all ages!!) Nancy's Stay and Play is the ONLY babysitter for my boys! She always has room for Baxter and Bernie and they run to Paige and Nancy as they stand in the driveway awaiting their arrival! Thanks so much for taking such good care of my little angels! They were dawg tired when I brought them home after their 5-night stay with you!! See you very soon!!



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